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BCC MDx Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of importing and selling of instruments in the laboratory such as chemical reagents, molecular diagnostic reagent in FISH, IHC, QF-PCR, Real-time PCR and also cytogenetics and pathology analysing programs. We focus in molecular human genetics market to provide the excellence healthcare prenatal / postnatal / pre-implantation and molecular oncology by experts in molecular genetics to help increase confidence for our clients. We also provide after-sales service from expert team.


BANGKOK MOLECULAR GENETICS Co., Ltd. is a leader in technology for molecular genetic analysis in field of oncology and infertility group. BMG's main work is Molecular Genetic Medical Testing. Like oncology (detection of abnormalities from cancer genes) and reproductive (PGS embryonic chromosomes examining that are related to IVF).

Offers genetic testing at molecular level particularly in reproductive medicine and oncology
- Pre- implantation genetic screening
- Cancer genetics


SERVE SCIENCE Co., Ltd. was established on February 9, 2012. The company is importing and distributing medical equipments, reagents, laboratory instruments. Most of them are premium quality products from many countries in Europe and America. The products are divided into 3 groups.

1.Reagents & Materials

- Molecular Biology Reagents
- Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Kit
- Antigen & Antibody
- Cell Separation Systems
- Chemical Reagents

- etc.

2. Instruments

- Rapid tests manufacturing system (R&D vs Industrial scales)

- Lateral Flow, Flow through, Dry Chemistry, Biosensors, Immunoblots, Microfluidics

- Cutting and Grinding Systems for histologic sections

- etc.

3. Services

- Custom qPCR Probes, Modification Oligos
- Gene, RNA, Protein, Aptamers, Antibody Synthesis


ALTERMED CARE Co.,Ltd is an alternative medicine clinic for the treatment of illness by aiming to provide comprehensive Thai and alternative medicine services. The treatment includes Thai medicine, Thai medicine, Thai massage, acupuncture in Chinese medicine, healing point, Balance adjustment, etc.



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